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Wikipedia : Carl G. Jung, on Hegel.


Perhaps the harshest criticism has come from the famous psychologist, Carl G. Jung, who seemed to charge Hegel with mental illness when he wrote:
A philosophy like Hegel's is a self-revelation of the psychic background and, philosophically, a presumption. Psychologically it amounts to an invasion by the Unconscious. The peculiar, high-flown language Hegel uses bears out this view -- it is reminiscent of the megalomaniac language of schizophrenics, who use terrific, spellbinding words to reduce the transcendent to subjective form, to give banalities the charm of novelty, or pass off commonplaces as searching wisdom. So bombastic a terminology is a symptom of weakness, ineptitude, and lack of substance."
— Carl G. Jung, On the Nature of the Psyche, 1928


Quote: So bombastic a terminology is a symptom of weakness, ineptitude, and lack of substance.

But if my interiour drama and pain is expressed with bombastic and spellbinding words, try my other blog,which will be expressed as pure and technically as allmost nobody will understand enough to use. Otherwise, write me at .


  • In this blog I will try to hunt down scattered pieces of my old, then functioning, unitary system of existence.
    When I will get bored I will begin a personal interpretation, point by point, of Immanuel KANT's Critique of Judgement, which shall cover all the technical processes needed to put in place my old system. EDIT: that never happened; although it should.

    Sunday, July 09, 2006

    Brains and atoms.


    I. A short on my views.
    II. What I want with this blog.
    III. Warning

    If you're reading this you might be a genius, an idiot, or a schizo.
    I am a schizo, a genius and an a pseudoidiot too, so I guess I'll take the rank of god for free.
    I am a god, a god of my own world. I don't have other gods than me.
    I am a nihilist.
    I don't exist. Neither do you. You're not reading this. This is not happening.

    I. Shall we proceed

    Knoledge = Perfection = God = The whole universe from the begining of (time, or) today's universal order to the ends of it (or of time) = Reflection complete in itself = ??? ... ???

    Perfection is NOT attainable. Close to perfection IS attainable.

    TERMINOLOGY: Close to perfection = Perfection. Because CLOSE is the end of it, and only God himself is more than CLOSE to perfection.
    The enlightment process must consider that ABSOLUTE BEST is enough and, in the subjectivity of the mechanical process of mind, it is perfect.

    Perfection is attainable.
    Perfection is of self. The outer reality is parallel. The outer reality can be grabbed and used.

    Reachability: A maximum of ~25-35 % of outer reality information_and_energy containers would be valid without sustained effort while knoledge works perfectly.

    Knoledge is of self, perfect self is atemporal (Like any schematic). If time sould be a factor, perfection should be attained without using the system on the objective world before completeness. (Ascetism ? Genius ? Super-Genius ?)


    ...*..... To the left there is the absolute nucleus, containing
    .....the absolute principles of existence.
    ..... To the left(yes, left) there is the tree structure that ends with
    .....empirical existence.
    ..... THE mental processes take place from left to right. The
    .....absolute principles first, the AVAILABLE empiric afterwards.
    .....The brain processes the piramid chaotically.
    .........The purpose of knowledge is to unite the pyramid and unify the start of all mental processes into the absolute nucleus, and then format all the informations and processes into complete intercompatibility.

    See *.

    So, after conducting all the operations in one pass the whole system restarts, or "reborns" (this is a term that MUST be used). This is the cycle of psychical life.
    It happens in all intelligent beings, but only the few ones specifically elaborating the system itself ARE SURE to complete ONE or more than ONE SINGLE complete PASS in all the course of their lifetime.

    When the system is complete and working then the complete cycle can repeat itself at frequencies high as the speed of mind itself (Buddha is not using it very much, but is maintaing it and teaching others how to do it, but I suspect Coppola, for an example, has a pretty high frequency.)

    People feel reborn when they complete a cycle. Love completes the cycle in a forced way; offten painfull. Revelation completes the cycle. Lots o' things complete the cycle.

    The system and the cycles:

    1|The ways to complete cycles are many. You can be an MTV hard-core fan, you can party in Ibiza, have a strong education and noble aims of life, etc. This implies no control at all over the process.

    2|The ways to have a working system which completes the cycle in a controlled manner are few and have the imperative of quantity - culture and experience. (but not necessarily reading a lot, all types of culture are good (don't cultivate grains and weed in your brain)).

    3|The way to have a perfect system is an ascetic metaphysical period, or training from a complete enlighted one.

    [*] The cognitive sistem is built with a basic brick, that is used to understand the exteriour. No cognitive sistem can be built without having a unified understanding of the exteriour.
    So the cognitive sistem can be built ONLY by having a system that can already explain anything. So this is the secret: Our world is completely subjective. It really is.


    I am a fallen mental engineer that reached complete enlightment. A type of buddha. A genius. A savant. Something...

    I am trying now to find a system that eliminates the enlightment process (a complete instant revelation, pure enough to be split and given to the subject or taken away all at once or in portions (fragmentation of absolute unity)). I can't. It's possible. I need it because it exists. I made it before. I will make it again; no big deal, the absolute makes everything equal.

    Genius needs Genius. My brain does not respond to me. I tuned it to perfection, it responds to perfection only. I am lost in my own brain. Nobody out there can help me, my kind is not yet to be.
    They say you never forget anything. Maybe. The experience of absolute can't be forgot. I need something of my own kind to make me remember; to make me want. I need to live again, I am to weak, to isolated somewhere in my brain, and, alone, I can't.
    Is there anybody out there ? Big geniuses die alone, never understood, maybe poor. Maybe mad. Maybe burned. Maybe some burn without fire.

    Man is a social animal. Genius too. All we need is what anyone gets. The rest we can do.

    I can't read 15.000 books only to be COMPLETELY sure that I essentially know everything. I need energy. I don't need love, love is madness. I reached the absolute, I fusioned everything into a unitary system, with impacience, excitement, love and fire. I am now fallen. I need to make it to the top again, but my fire has worn out. I need cold fusion now. They say it's not possible. (* See the beautiful episode from The Outer Limits with cold fusion.)

    Cold fusion is possible. Nothing is impossible, because Genius can make anything he wants. It's his definition. I'm blocked, i'm cold, i'm petrified. I need somebody who can wake me up, bring me out of this madness, in an INSTANT. It's either all of it or none.

    Thanks God for the internet. Thanks God for blogs. Thanks God for delete comment function.

    "Together we stand, divided we fall." (Pink Floyd)
    Geniuses all over the world, UNITE !
    (And write me at Angkor.Wat.600|at|gmail|d0t]com